Apply for a Permit

How Do I Obtain a Permit?

Note: Zoning Ordinance regulations may apply. Please check Parcel Data at Planning & Zoning to determine flood zone status (Zones A, A1-A-9, A14, A24, B, or AE). If in a flood zone, new regulations require evidence that the project is at or above the Base Flood Elevation (BFE). Please contact Planning Services at 530-621-5355 for further information.

The information located on these pages will help you through the permit application process. Application submittal checklists for plan review can be found in Application Submittal Checklists & Handouts.

How Long Do I Have?

The Application
The permit application is valid for 365 days. You should keep track of the date to avoid problems as the expiration date approaches. Once expired, the permit application is not renewable; you simply start over. Extension of the application may only be granted if a delay is caused by a governmental agency and only for the amount of time the application was delayed by that agency. There may be fee building service credits for an reapplication if within 6 months and the first permit application was ready to issue. All plans and documents will be destroyed within 180 days from submittal date if not picked up from Development Services.

The Plan Review
We review plans in the order received. As a result, our turnaround time will vary. At the time of submittal, we ask you to review a checklist of required information and sign that all documentation is present. Having all of the necessary information at the time of plan review is a must for us and ensures that your application will experience no unnecessary delay in being reviewed. If the application is incomplete in any way, you will be notified by mail and your place in line forfeited. When we receive all of the required information, you will once again be included in the plan review order, but the operative date will be the date of the new submittal.

The Permit
The permit is valid for two years from the issuance date. If you find you cannot finish your project within the prescribed time, you may renew your permit two times only for a period of one year each if construction has proceeded in a timely manner showing progress with approved inspections. There will be a renewal fee based on the percentage of progress that has occurred. If four years are not sufficient for construction, the permit may be reactivated with a new permit number and review of the projects progress.


All construction shall comply with current codes and ordinances.

Information is exclusive of the Tahoe Basin. Special Conditions apply to the Tahoe Basin.