El Dorado Trail Extension Project

Welcome to the website for the El Dorado Trail Extension and Missouri Flat Road Bike/Pedestrian Overcrossing Projects.  


The Transportation Division of the El Dorado County Community Development Agency is currently in the planning and design phases for these projects. The County has obtained grant funding to complete the environmental and design work for both of the projects. We are currently pursuing additional grant funding opportunities for construction.

The El Dorado Trail Extension Project will extend the existing Class I bike path at Missouri Flat Road approximately 2.2 miles to the Town of El Dorado along the Sacramento Placerville Transportation Corridor (SPTC). The Project will connect the communities of Diamond Springs and El Dorado in the vicinity of the City of Placerville.

The Bike/Pedestrian Overcrossing Project is a grade-separated crossing over Missouri Flat Road, closing a gap on the El Dorado Trail. The overcrossing will provide a safe connection between the existing and proposed Class I bike path segments. It will be located within the SPTC corridor between Golden Center Drive and Old Depot Road near the community of Diamond Springs.


Construction is complete at the entrance to the El Dorado Trail at Missouri Flat Road(PDF, 165KB) - Posted 02/15/23

El Dorado Trail Extension & Bike/Pedestrian Overcrossing Projects

 Project Fact Sheet(PDF, 319KB)

 Hoja informativa del proyecto en español  (PDF, 80KB)

Video Series

Part 1 – El Dorado Trail Extension (Video)

Have you noticed new infrastructure in your area? El Dorado County has been hard at work upgrading the community for bicyclists and pedestrians. Check out this video, and go explore the new extension of the El Dorado Trail! We are launching a video series with everything you need to know about our latest upgrades on the El Dorado Trail, along with tips and tricks on how to use it safely. Watch our first video and learn where you can find the latest upgrades.

Topics Covered: 

  • El Dorado Trail information
  • Extension from Missouri Flat Road to Town of El Dorado 
  • Trail etiquette
  • Trail gaps- crossing Missouri flat
  • Future planned Missouri Flat bicycle/pedestrian overcrossing
  • New HAWK signals at Forni and Blanchard
  • How to use a HAWK signal - Trail safety
Part 2- Benefits of Bicycling (Video)

Incorporating bicycling into your life can have a big impact. Do you like to save money, be healthy, and help your community? Watch our short video clip on the benefits of bicycling! 

We all know that bicycling is fun, but that’s not the only benefit- check out the second video in our series to learn how you can make an impact on two wheels.

Topics Covered:

  • Financial savings
  • Environmental benefits 
  • Physical health
  • Mental health
Part 3- Where to Ride in El Dorado County (Video)

Know before you go- watch the third video in our series and learn how to plan a bike trip in El Dorado County. 

Ready to ride? Plan your trip first. Check out this video for tips and resources for your next ride in El Dorado County.

Topics Covered:

  • Planning a bike trip
  • Eldoradobikemap.org 
  • Trail heads and parking: Eldoradotrail.com
  • Types of bicycle infrastructure: class 1, class 2, class 3
Part 4- Choosing a Bike (Video)

Road bikes, hybrid bikes, mountain bikes, oh my! What’s the difference and which one is right for you? 

Check out Part 4 of our video series, and learn about different types of bikes, how to choose one, and where to get one locally.

Topics Covered:

  • Mountain bikes
  • Road bikes
  • Hybrid bikes 
  • Comfort bikes
  • Cargo bikes 
  • E-bikes 
  • Local bike shops 
  • Bicycle quality
Part 5- Before You Ride (Video)

What is your pre-bike-ride-ritual? We recommend doing a few things before you hit the road- Check out part 5 of our video series where we go over helmet fitting and basic bike maintenance tips. 

Make sure your bike is ride-ready with an ABC quick check! Watch part 5 of our video series to learn how.

Topics Covered:

  • Fitting your helmet 
  • ABC Quick Check
    • Air Pressure
    • Brakes o Cranks/Chain
    • Quick Release
Part 6- Bringing Your Bike on the Bus (Video)

Nervous about loading your bike on the bus because you have no idea how to use the bike rack? Our last part of our bicycle education series goes over how to load your bike on the bus step-by-step. 

Riding your bike is a fantastic way to get to the bus stop. The bus can also give you a reprieve if you need a break from riding. Learn how to load your bike onto El Dorado Transit’s buses.

Topics Covered:

  • Loading the bike in the front of the bus
  • Unloading the bike from the bus