Second Impact Syndrome

Brain Impact

Ryan ShreveIn 2003 El Dorado County lost one of its own paramedics and world-class wakeboarder, Ryan Shreve, to unrecognized multiple concussion injuries, also known as Second Impact Syndrome. As a tribute to Ryan, the EMS Agency has worked closely with his family to produce an information brochure(PDF, 331KB) on Second Impact Syndrome that can be handed to any patient who has suffered a concussive head injury. This brochure informs a patient about the dangers of Second Impact Syndrome and recommends not engaging in athletic activity until all symptoms (headache, dizziness, nausea, etc.) have been resolved for at least one week. The EMS Agency has distributed copies to both hospitals, ski area clinics, and local ski area operators.

CDC has produced a high-quality multimedia tool kit for high school coaches on how to reduce traumatic brain injury in high school sports. Often a concussion may go unrecognized or untreated in high school athletes. A second injury, even from a minor blow to the head or twisting of the torso, may become lethal. The tool kit can be ordered free of charge at: Heads Up: Concussion in High School Sports.