Hazardous Materials Business Plan (HMBP)

Who needs to file a business plan?

  • An owner or operator of a facility must complete and submit a HMBP if the facility handles a hazardous material or mixture containing a hazardous material that has a quantity equal to or greater than:
    • 55 gallons
    • 500 pounds
    • 200 cubic feet at standard temperature and pressure for a compressed gas
    • Any amount of hazardous waste generated.
  • Businesses that have underground storage tanks that store hazardous materials, aboveground storage tanks that store petroleum, and businesses that generate any amount of hazardous waste must are also required to provide information for these systems. 

Why is filing a HMBP important?

  • To alert first responders of hazardous materials at a facility.
  • Community members have access to information about hazardous materials under the "community right to know" program.
  • Prevention of hazardous materials spills and releases through cooperation among businesses and local, state, and federal government authorities.

How do I file a HMBP?

All existing businesses that store threshold quantities of hazardous materials or hazardous waste are required to annually update their hazardous materials information on California Environmental Reporting System (CERS).

New businesses need to complete the one-time registration on-line at the CERS website. Once the registration is completed, businesses will be walked through the steps to complete the required information for hazardous materials storage and associated documentation.

Any questions concerning registration or data entry should be directed to the Environmental Management Division. (530) 621-5300 or emd.info@edcgov.us