Used Oil

Collection Centers

An estimated 200 million gallons of used oil ends up in our nation’s waterways each year affecting lakes, streams, vegetation, groundwater, fish, wildlife, and people. The County of El Dorado has many locations that will accept used oil and used oil filters for free. Find a Certified Used Oil Collection(PDF, 408KB) Center near you. image of Oil Collection Center

Before You Go to the Collection Center

Please remember the following information before taking used oil and/or used oil filters to a collection center:

  • Store all used oil and oil filters in a leak-proof container.
  • Do not mix used oil with gasoline, automotive fluids, or any other liquids or debris. Once contaminated, used oil becomes hazardous waste and cannot be recycled.
  • Disposing of used oil and/or used oil filters at a Certified Collection Centers is free of charge (maximum 5 gallons of used oil per trip).
  • Contaminated oil and/or oil filters may also be brought to a local Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) event. HHW events occur on the first and third Saturday of each month, from 9 a.m. to noon at El Dorado Hills Fire Station 86 (weather-permitting).

Curbside Oil Collection

In some communities, residents can have waste oil picked up by their solid waste company. Click the links below or call to contact your local waste hauler to find out if these services are available in your area:

  • El Dorado Disposal -(530) 295-2800
    Area Served: West County along Highway 50 Corridor (Pollock Pines west to El Dorado Hills) and Placerville City Limits
  • American River Disposal -(530) 544-1199
    Area Served: High Mountain County (Pacific House, Crystal Basin, Kyburz, Strawberry, Echo Summit)
  • Tahoe Truckee Sierra Disposal Company - (530) 389-2361
    Area Served: Unincorporated portion of West Lake Tahoe Basin (including Meeks Bay and Tahoma)
  • South Tahoe Refuse Company - (530) 541-5105
    Area Served: Unincorporated portion of South Lake Tahoe Basin (including Meyers, Christmas Valley, and Hope Valley)
  • ACES Waste Services, Inc - (209) 274-2237
  • Sierra Disposal Service - 530) 621-4746
    North County (Coloma, Pilot Hill, Cool, Lotus, Georgetown, Garden Valley, Greenwood, Auburn Lake Trails

Marine Oil Program

image of Our Goal is Clear logo

The marina program helps recreational boaters prevent releases of oil from their boats. Boaters are provided with oil absorbent pads and pillows that they can place in the bottom bilge area of their boats. The oil absorbent floats on the bilge water, skimming and holding any

image of Recycling Hut

floating oil. When these absorbents become saturated with oil, they can be dropped off free of charge at any one of the 12 collection sites at lakes Folsom, Jenkinson (Sly Park), Ice House, Union Valley, Echo, Fallen Leaf and Lake Tahoe. For a complete list of these facilities and hours of operation please click here.

Off Road/Rubicon Trail Program

This program helps four-wheel drive enthusiasts prevent releases of oil to the trails. Off roaders are provided with oil absorbent pads they can use to collect any spilled oil.  Saturated absorbent can be dropped off free of charge at collection facilities located at each end of the Rubicon Trail. (Wentworth Springs, Loon Lake, and McKinney) For tips on how off roaders can prevent spills and properly respond if a spill occurs, please click here(PDF, 52KB).

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