Hazardous Materials Emergency Response Program

24 Hour On-Call Service

The safe and efficient emergency response to Hazardous Materials events in El Dorado County depends on joint cooperation between multiple agencies. The Solid Waste Image of Illegally dumped drums of unknow hazardous materialand Hazardous Material Division leads this important team effort with close cooperation with law enforcement, fire and allied health agency officers and staff. Special attention is given to the hazardous materials used and transported frequently in the county by our local businesses. We also train and prepare for possible biological, nuclear, incendiary, chemical and explosive hazards used in criminal or terrorist activities. Preparedness activities include training of team members to appropriate levels of response capability, multi-agency workshops, table-top exercises, field training and drills.
El Dorado hazmat team member sampling unknown drum contents.

Special equipment is needed to protect the safety of the responders and the public during an event that includes nuclear, biological or chemical materials. Equipment used by the team includes personal protective clothing, suits, gloves, boots, and breathing respirators. Gas and radiological detectors and other field chemistry kits help identify unknown materials. Specialized tools and equipment are used for containment, control and decontamination of released hazardous materials. In a typical year we will respond to about 40 – 50 incidents including routine spills of vehicle fuels, unknown white powders in the mail, the release of toxic Chlorine gas, as well as, a variety of other hazardous conditions.

Image of hazmat team member sampling unknown drum contentsThe Solid Waste and Hazardous Materials Division is responsible for after hours on-call support for all Department Programs including Haz Mat, Sewage Spills, Water Pollution, Food Poisonings, and Union Mine Landfill Issues.

If you observe a hazardous material emergency, call 9-1-1. If you do not think the situation is an immediate emergency, call the Sheriff Dispatch at (530) 621-6600. 

Hazardous Response

Emergency Spill Notification Procedures
Clandestine Drug Laboratories(PDF, 395KB)
California Hazardous Material Spill Release Notification Guidance Booklet(PDF, 158KB)


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