Zoning Ordinance Update (ZOU) Draft March 2014

Note: The Board of Supervisors recodified the County Ordinance Code. The Zoning Ordinance, previously Title 17, is now Title 130 of the County Code of Ordinances.

The documents below are in PDF format and should be viewed with Adobe Reader.

Public Review Draft Zoning Ordinance - March 2014
ZOU Errata Sheet(PDF, 279KB)  - Revised 03-24-2014 (changes made to draft Zoning Ordinance after 10/1/2012)
Public Review Draft Zoning Maps - March 2014
Full Size(PDF, 12MB) Detail 1(PDF, 10MB) Detail 2(PDF, 8MB) Detail 3(PDF, 12MB) Quad 1(PDF, 5MB) Quad 2(PDF, 10MB)
Quad 3(PDF, 13MB) Quad 4(PDF, 11MB) Quad 5(PDF, 10MB) Quad 6(PDF, 14MB) Quad 7(PDF, 14MB) Quad 8(PDF, 5MB)
Agricultural Zoning Option
In March of 2012 and again in July of 2013, the County, in conjunction with the El Dorado County Farm Bureau, sent out over 3,000 letters, asking property owners, who met certain criteria, if they preferred agricultural zoning or residential zoning for their parcels. The County received over 700 requests for agricultural zoning.

The “Draft County-wide Agricultural Opt-in Map A” shows parcels that met the criteria for the “Ag Opt-In” letter.

The “Draft County-wide Agricultural Opt-In Map A-1” shows parcels requesting agricultural zoning. The Board of Supervisors will be making a final determination on zoning changes, as part of the Targeted General Plan Amendment – Zoning Ordinance Update process, later this year.
Agricultural District Opt-In Maps - March 2014


Fruitridge(PDF, 3MB)
Lotus(PDF, 304KB)
Fair Play
Somerset(PDF, 2MB)
Garden Valley
Georgetown(PDF, 1MB)
Gold Hill(PDF, 2MB) Oak Hill(PDF, 682KB) Pleasant Valley(PDF, 933KB)