MHSA Issue Resolution Process

El Dorado County Behavioral Health has adopted an issue resolution process for filing and resolving issues related to the MHSA community program planning process, use of MHSA funds, and consistency between program implementation and approved plans.

How to File an Issue

Complete the MHSA Issue Form(PDF, 166KB) and send it by mail. Or you may contact program staff by phone, email or in person.

Program Contact

Justine Collinsworth, Manager of Mental Health Programs
El Dorado County Behavioral Health Division
768 Pleasant Valley Road, Suite 201
Diamond Springs, CA 95619
(530) 621-6230

What Happens Next?

MHSA Program staff will send you a letter confirming that your issue was received. The staff will investigate the issue and contact you to discuss the results. If an issue cannot be resolved at the end of thirty (30) business days of receipt of the issue, you will be notified in writing. Within sixty (60) days of receipt of the issue, you will be notified in writing of the final outcome of the investigation and provided with information regarding the State level review process (should you disagree with the outcome). If you have any questions, at any time during this process, you may contact program staff.

The confidentiality of Issue Filers will be respected and maintained to the extent that their identify is not needed to resolve the issue. Individuals and families have the right to have another individual or entity submit an issue on their behalf. If requested, MHSA Program staff will provide assistance with submission of an issue.

Learn more about the MHSA issue resolution procedure(PDF, 59KB).