Public Guardian

The Public Guardian Office

The Office of the Public Guardian ensures the physical and financial safety of persons unable to do so on their own, and when there are no viable alternatives to a public conservatorship. Services are defined and directed by the Superior Court. The Superior Court can appoint the Public Guardian as a conservator of the person only, estate only (for probate) or both person and estate. 

Contact the El Dorado County Public Guardian Office at (530) 621-6219.

Probate Conservatorships

Probate conservatorships are primarily established for frail adults who are unable to provide for their own personal needs for physical health, food, clothing and/or shelter, cannot manage their own finances or are subject to fraud or undue influence. A thorough investigation is conducted on each referral to determine the need for conservatorship, to evaluate less-restrictive options, and to interview family members / friends for third party assistance. After all options are exhausted, a petition for conservatorship is filed with the court. Upon appointment, services include managing the person and estate. Services may include arranging living environments, marshalling assets and managing the estate, applying for entitlements and providing case management.

LPS Conservatorships

LPS conservatorships are established to arrange mental health treatment and placement for people who are gravely disabled and unable to provide for their food, clothing, shelter and treatment needs as a result of a mental disorder. Services may include arranging treatment programs, decision making in concert with clinical recommendations, making personal visits to ensure effective treatment programs, appropriate placements and quality care, applying for entitlements, authorizing expenditures and providing case management.

Representative Payee Program

Services assist individuals with financial management and case management. Clients must be voluntary and willing to accept guidance in managing their money.

For more information, please call (530) 621-6219.

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