Public Health Home Visiting

Public health nurses (PHNs) promote and protect the health of our community and are an invaluable resource for new mothers. PHNs are registered nurses who use knowledge from nursing, social and public health sciences to help our community. Public Health Nursing staff also provide community nursing services during a disaster and consultation and presentations on health issues.

On this page you can learn more about our PHN program, home visit service benefits, classes, and non-home visit services that we provide. Please reach out to the county to set up an appointment with one of our Public Health Nurses at home or at one of our community clinics. The program is designed to support El Dorado mothers for their needs and convenience.

Home Visiting Service Benefits

Home Visiting is a service where a public nurse comes to the home of a mother with a new baby and provides a variety of services that help both mom and baby. It is a great resource to support mothers after giving birth. Check out the main features of the home visiting service below.

  • Supports entire family regardless of income or insurance with resources and/or nursing home visits.
  • Your time with a licensed nurse is non-rushed and at your convenience.
  • Linkages to services to meet family basic needs.
  • Linkages to Medi-Cal insurance and medical providers
  • Linkages to teen health, mental health, and reproductive health services
  • Public Health Nurses often help with pregnancy, preparing for a baby, breastfeeding, weighing your baby, child development activities, and childhood illness.
  • Linkages to mental health services, substance use treatment services, and well visits for your whole family.
  • Public Health Nurses serve with kindness, know the community, and what is available for families.

Call 530-621-6108 for more information.

Who are Public Health Nurses?

Public Health Nurses have advanced degrees and are registered nurses. They understand the critical linkage between disease transfer data and clinical understanding of health and illness. Our PHNs also work with Health Education Coordinators — trained outreach workers who assist families to meet particular health needs.

Who are Family Support Specialists?

Family Support Specialists initiates and maintains regular, long-term visits to families in their homes to support and provide evidenced based, best practice, standardized information to new parents.


  • Baby Ready Groups


Non-Home Visit Services

Some of our PHN services can't be conducted at home or are more safely conducted at a clinic or medical facility. From poison prevention activities to providing care for medically fragile infants, the below services are all part of the El Dorado Public Health Nurse program.

  • Monitoring of communicable diseases and disease trends
  • Immunizations Assessment of overall medical care (including medical home)
  • Physical assessment (height, weight, measurements) and well-child checks
  • Occupational health
  • Case management for high-risk pediatric and obstetric clients
  • Medically fragile infants
  • Assessing for signs and symptoms of prenatal drug exposure
  • Developmental assessment (Ages & Stages)
  • Breastfeeding support
  • School-aged and special-needs children
  • Environmental assessment of home for health dangers
  • Lead poisoning prevention activities