Reserve Deputy Sheriff's Program


The El Dorado County Sheriff’s Office offers a Reserve Deputy Sheriff program for those who wish to volunteer their time to their local law enforcement and community. This program benefits both the Sheriff’s Office and each individual Reserve Deputy. Reserve Deputies are non-paid, volunteers who receive valuable law enforcement experience. Reserve Deputies can expect to work in patrol, be assigned to special events, or assist with other law enforcement related activities.  

Many new Reserve Deputies are retired law enforcement officers or those who aspire to eventually become full time officers.  Many find that the reserve program is a way to “get their foot into the door” and see if a career in law enforcement is right for them. This program also offers the Sheriff’s Office a pool or “farm team” of potential full time deputy sheriffs from which to hire in the future.   

Reserve Deputies assigned to patrol assist full time deputies in the field. Level II reserves work as a uniformed ride a long and serve as another set of eyes/ears and as a second set of hands, which enhances upon officer safety. At the same time, Reserve Deputies gain valuable on the job training that can only be attained through personal “street” experience. Reserve deputies have the option of entering the Field Training Program (FTO) which consists of an 880-hour training commitment. Upon successful completion of the training program Level II deputies then become a departmentally designated Level I reserve. Level 1 reserves work as a “solo” beat deputy and function much like a full-time deputy sheriff.  

Currently, The Sheriff’s Office is in the process of hiring more unpaid Reserve Deputies which will increase the patrol presence in the community and staffing levels with minimal cost to the taxpayer.  Reserve Deputies undergo the same extensive field training program that our deputies participate in to ensure that the citizens of El Dorado County get the same level of service that they are accustomed to from this volunteer force.

If you are interested in the Reserve Deputy Sheriff Program, you must have successfully completed either the P.O.S.T. certified Regular Basic Course-Modular Format, or the Basic Police Academy. Additionally, those individuals who have successfully completed only P.O.S.T. modules III and II can apply as a Level II reserve deputy sheriff. Reserve deputies hired by the El Dorado County Sheriff’s Office must serve an average monthly minimum of 16 hours.

If you have completed the basic P.O.S.T. requirements, visit the El Dorado County Human Resources website and watch for future open recruitments for Reserve Deputy Sheriff. You can apply online. Once your application has been accepted you will be invited for an interview. The testing and hiring process is the same for Reserve Deputy as it is for full time Deputy Sheriff's. All Reserve Deputy Sheriff's must successfully complete a background investigation, medical examination and psychological exam as part of the hiring process, prior to receiving a job offer.

For detailed information related to California Reserve Officer P.O.S.T. Requirements please visit, Official website of the State of California, peace officer program.

For more information about our Reserve Deputies, check out this year's annual report!  Click here to take you to our most current annual report.