Investigative Services




The Investigations Section is part of the Operations Division of the Sheriff’s Office. The section consists of twenty-three full-time detectives, a crime analyst, two sergeants and one lieutenant. The Investigations Unit puts in the long hours investigating the most complex crimes, keeping the patrol deputies available to respond to calls for service.

Investigators specialize in a variety of assignments, including Property Crimes, Elder Abuse, Financial Crimes, Hi-Tech Crimes, Sexual Assault, Persons Crimes, Homicide, Narcotics, and Cold Case Crimes.

These investigations are typically felony level crimes that may require a large amount of time and resources to resolve. It is the highest priority of the Sheriff’s Office Investigations Section to discover all evidence and bring closure to a case in support of the Sheriff’s Office vision of total care, total enforcement, and total professionalism.

When a large scale, complex investigation or critical incident occurs, detectives come together as a full unit to investigate these complex events. To better serve the community and victims of crimes, the Investigations Section works cooperatively with other law enforcement entities throughout the county, region, and state. The Investigations Section has many partnerships with government and community-based organizations.

The Investigations Section is located at 200 Industrial Drive, Placerville, CA 95667. If you have questions regarding an ongoing case or if you have information pertaining to an active case, please call (530) 642-4703.  

Crime Scene Investigation (C.S.I.)

The Crime Scene Investigation (C.S.I.) unit is comprised of 11 Deputy Sheriffs and is a collateral assignment within the Operations Division. C.S.I. works directly with detectives in investigating major crime scenes such as homicides, any deaths with suspicious circumstances, officer involved shootings, armed robberies, large-scale burglaries, and more.  

C.S.I. is responsible for searching the scene of a crime for evidence and for preserving the scene and evidence through thorough examination, documentation, and evidence collection. The scene is documented using various methods to include detailed reports, video, photography, DNA collection, UAS overhead video, and by utilizing laser diagraming equipment and software. 

The C.S.I. unit also analyzes evidence collected by patrol deputies from burglaries, assaults, and stolen vehicles. This evidence is often processed for fingerprints and DNA evidence. Criminal evidence processing is performed in the C.S.I. lab. The C.S.I. unit responds to callouts 24 hours a day and are prepared to process any scene.