School Resource Officer Program


School Resource Officers (SROs) partner with El Dorado County Schools to support safe and positive environments for students to learn and grow. The El Dorado County Sheriff's Office SRO team consists of seven full time SROs and an SRO supervisor. In recent years, one specialized SRO worked with the Proposition 64 AMYOPP ("Anti-Marijuana Youth Outreach Pilot Program") program, which is directed at improving life outcomes for at risk youth through prevention, education, and enrichment programs. The SRO team also includes two (2) SCHIELD ("Safeguarding Children through Healthy Initiatives, Education, Law Enforcement, and Deterrence") deputies. This a new and developing program that aims to promote the well-being and safety of elementary and middle school students through healthy initiatives, education, and law enforcement efforts.

In response to the active violence that threatens schools and communities across the country, the SRO team constantly prepares and trains to respond to active violence situations on school campuses. The SROs possess active violence response equipment and participate in the most up to date active violence training so that they are prepared to respond and keep the campuses and local communities of El Dorado County safe.

Our SRO team is also involved beyond the campuses, providing active patrols and outreach at local parks, recreational areas, and locations where youth congregate. Our SROs are local volunteers, community mentors, and coaches in school/recreational sports programs. They also provide public presentations and education on many youth protection topics on school campuses and throughout the community. Our SRO team is committed to our partnerships with the schools and the local community, to all work together to protect our youth and provide the safest and best environment for El Dorado County youth to grow and develop.