File an Online Report

This is the online Crime Reporting system for filing police reports online. If this is an EMERGENCY, or if a crime is IN PROGRESS, DO NOT USE THIS SYSTEM! Dial 911.

If you are reporting the following crimes IN PROGRESS, STOP! Call 911

  • Violent Crime (personal assault, kidnapping, robbery, etc.)
  • Sexual Misconduct (rape, sexual assault, etc.)
  • Stolen Vehicle (truck, car, trailer, motorcycle, etc.)
  • Lost/Stolen license plates
  • Domestic Violence
  • Assault and Battery

What types of crimes can be reported using the online crime reporting forms?

Cases filed in this system typically fall within the following categories:

  • The suspect is NOT named, known, or identified.
  • There are NO investigative leads that can lead to an arrest. (Criminal investigations wherein photo or video surveillance is available or potentially available, a deputy shall respond to take a report and collect surveillance evidence if possible).
  • There is NO likelihood that an arrest will be made based on the information provided.

The El Dorado County Sheriff’s Office investigates criminal conduct. We do not investigate or document the following:

  • Civil issues
  • Information reports

Online Crime Reports may be used for the following types of crimes:

  • Theft - Your property is taken without your permission. Property known to be stolen and missing may be reported. Lost property is not a theft.
  • Vehicle Burglary - Property stolen from a locked motor vehicle. Stolen equipment or belongings from a vehicle.
  • Identity Theft - If someone obtains money for goods or services by misrepresenting themselves or their business as being legitimate. If someone obtains personal ID for an unlawful purpose including to obtain or attempt to obtain, credit, goods, services or information without the other persons consent.  If someone misrepresents themselves as a representative of a business and obtains payment for goods or services that are not performed. If someone obtains money from you as a fee or taxes for lottery winnings that do not exist. If someone uses your ID without your knowledge or consent to obtain credit, goods or services.
  • Annoying Phone Calls - Unwanted phone calls of an annoying, harassing or threatening nature. Immediate hang-ups, obscene language, etc. with no known suspects.
  • Vandalism - The act of modifying, defacing, or destroying public or private property.
  • Lost Property – When personal property is missing or lost. Property that is missing, leaving items in a restaurant, missing from home or business, etc. (Not vehicles or firearms).
  • Suspicious Circumstances – Circumstances related to possible criminal activity/conduct.
  • Internet Fraud – Fraud related to internet activity. Only if you have actually been a victim of a crime/fraud and are out real property/money/ or goods. Receipt of suspicious checks or documents from unknown sources doesn’t constitute fraud unless you act on the information and as a result suffer the loss of real property/money/ or goods.

Online Crime Reporting Form

NOTE: It is a misdemeanor crime to knowingly file a false crime report under the California Penal Code – section (148.5 PC).

Use the online Crime Reporting Form to report crimes or incidents that occurred within the unincorporated areas of El Dorado County, and when the suspect is unknown. Crimes occurring within the city limits of Placerville or South Lake Tahoe should be reported to the city police departments.

Information gathered from online reports will be added to our crime databases and may be used to identify crime trends or patterns. They are generally not individually investigated further.

Reports issued using this site are most often used for insurance purposes. If you are reporting suspicious activity that is occurring at this time, call the non-emergency communications number at 621-6600 (West Slope) or 573-3300 (Tahoe Basin).

Completed online reports will receive a crime case number which will be emailed back to you generally within five business days. Therefore a verifiable email address is required to process an online police report. If you do not have an email address you cannot use this online program. You may also be contacted via email if clarification is required to properly file the report. This email will be sent from our email account "CSOMail", please make sure that your e mail filter does not classify this as spam.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do if I want to report a crime that does not fit into one of the above categories?

The Online Crime Reporting form should be used only for the crimes/incidents listed above. If a crime has been committed involving bodily injury/harm, use of force, a deadly weapon, theft of firearm(s), identity or credit-card theft, or any other crime not fitting the description above, call the non-emergency dispatch phone number listed above.

Do I need to give you all the information requested in the online form?

The El Dorado County Sheriff’s Office requires certain information on all Crime Report. Any requested information in the Crime Report form containing an asterisk (*) is a MANDATORY field. If you do not fill in the information in this field, your report cannot be processed.

What if I can't remember some details of what happened, or I don't have complete information?

Please give us as much information as you can. If you only have partial information, for instance a brand-name for an item, but no model number, please tell us as much as you know. If you have information about a possible suspect, do not use this form. Call the non-emergency number to file a report.

What if I have more than one crime or incident to report?

If you have more than one crime/incident to report, use a separate form for each instance.

What if I want to be anonymous?

Please provide as much information as possible, including addresses, suspect names, suspect descriptions, and types of activity.

The more information you submit, the more we can do to address the problem. In submitting this information you will remain completely anonymous. We can not and do not collect any personal information that is submitted.

Submit an Anonymous Crime Tip

What if I've seen something suspicious?

Call El Dorado County Sheriff’s Office direct at:

  • (530) 621-6600 (West Slope)
  • (530) 573-3300 (Tahoe Basin)

What happens to my online crime report after I submit it?

  • Your report is assigned a report case number.
  • If you need a hard copy of a report you can make that request either online or by requesting it from our Records Division at the Sheriff’s Office. Typically, it will take 10 business days to process this report request and there is a $10.00 fee accessed per report. There is no charge for “Domestic Violence” or “Identity Theft” reports.
  • Information gathered from online reports will be added to our crime databases and may be used to identify crime trends or patterns.
  • You may be called to verify or clarify information provided.
  • Within approximately 5 business days you will receive your report case number by email.
  • Save this report case number for your records as well as for insurance purposes.